Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hey! Check out the LINKS!!

Look over to the right hand side of this here Blog and check out the Link section! That is right! I figured out how to add LINKS!! Cool huh?
These are some super talented people who deserve mega-props. I have already mentioned Skribbl and ROBOTOPIA and his role in the creation of Chippy and Loopus, but I haven't mentioned these other guys!
James Robertson of The IRON SCYTHE is an incredible draftsman. I check his blog often for inspiration and the like.

Aurelei Blard Quintard is a remarkably gifted young animation student studying in Bristol. She is making what has to be the most charming stop-motion film ever! Go! NOW! to Aurelie's Wooonderful World!

And Then there is RICKART!! This guy has jumped into the 2"x8" comic strip game with both feet! Go check him out!

And of course StoryBoredom, the former home of Chippy and Loopus is ALWAYS full of great art by some of the most talented story artists working in animation today!!

Add these guys to your bookmark list, and you will not be disapointed!



rickart said...

Thanks a bunch for the plug! I'm honored to be mixed in with such great company!

J said...

Wow John, thanks so much. REALLY flattering.

Steve said...

Hey John, thanks for the kind words, I've gotten further on the truck but I'm trying to figure out the toon shaded thing in XSI right now, so it's a little slower going than I'd like...

Aurelie said...

hey, congratulation, you did it! and thanks a lot for doing my promotion in such an enthousiast way!!

a trick for you (and anyone else who will read this):
in your template, when adding a link, if you put
"target="_blank"> between the address of the blog and the name of the link, it opens the link in a new window, and that's quite handy.

Your strips are so cools. I keep laughing at them.
I'm curious about this technique, and might give it a try as soon as I have more time...
keeeeep blogging

orange said...
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