Monday, February 20, 2006

Today's strip: Flashback

I was really fighting with the 2"x8" format today. This stuff is damned hard to draw at that size.
In other news, my good pal Countfunkula has started a new blog for his more politically charged work. Here's the address:

Stop by. I will be a part time contributor, although I'm not much of a political cartoonist. Maybe I should try.


countfunkula1 said...

All right! Flashback! I love the whole idea of the same scene playing from different experiences.

Thanks for the plug for the kagematch too!

I feel really bad for the bad blood that seemed to boil over at storyboredom. I feel I shoulder a large part of the responsibilty for that. I really hope that storyboredom can just go back to the fun doodle and silly drawing site that I feel like it was when we started. I see you made peace with handel. Good for you. that's cool. I am done with fighting with people on storyboredom. Let them come throw their stones at the kagematch.

Viva los animals!

Paul said...

Excellent. You're going all Tarantino on our asses.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

This occured to me very late. I had an idea that was more "comic strip-y" to bring Loopus back into the strip, but that idea was nixed when the wife deemed it "unfunny". The result was the "falsies" strip.
So, a week passed and I had no idea how to bring Loopus back. People finally started asking "Where's Loopus?"
So I thought "How would I do this in a movie?" Things fell together pretty quickly after that.
I am a big Tarantino fan. Like I said before, I wear my influences on my sleeve.

Paul said...

Not a thing wrong with that since your influences don't suck. --If this strip was borrowing slyly from "Mama's Family" I doubt I'd be coming back everyday.

handel said...

good to see ya mixing a little more angles in there- Its helping.
As for your appoligies-I accept. and I can appreciate your being "protective of your friends"..Especially when they cant seem to hold their own in any form of serious debate. They (and that includes you I'm afraid didnt do too well on any point.
You ask me to "tone down the provacative stuff-"
does the same apply to YOU..does it apply to 'county'? If not..WHY not?
You "cant use school yard hijinx".. far as I can see, I was the only one having a serious adult debate. Not 'hit and run' cartoon commentary.
Looksie....I appreciate you and all the artist co-horts. You are all talented individuals. And I love that.But I've been around a LOOOOONG time too my friend. In as many industries as you can name. And I dont intimidate easily.If people wanna bring it..then they better be prepared to defend their platforms.
ON OTHER MATTERS: You say you wear your influences on your sleeve! ha..I guess we all do, dont we? Gotta be carefull tho..If you dont wash that sleave, it gets a bit stale and starts to smell and worse...LOOK Stale. be on guard, because workmates arent always the ones to tell one that.
cheers and good wishes 'robo'

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Handel! Hail and well met!
I think my problem was that I wasn't sure who I was argueing with or why. It is unwise to rush into battle without first knowing who you are fighting and why.
As to provacation, I can only speak for myself.
As always, I welcome your comments.
As to critiques, I have had some wicked critiques from friends and from workmates!
My biggest critic and biggest supporter will always be my wife. You haven't heard criticism until you've gotten it from her. A few of her criticisms are:
"This cartoon is boring!"
"What are you trying to say?"
"That character is ugly".
"You're losing your edge. This isn't funny!"
Anything else is like a cool breeze!
Take it easy!

Mitch K said...

Hard to draw in or not, you do a great job!

I like the way the story went in these past two. Do you have this thing planned out in your head, or are you just going with the flow?

I love this.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Hey Mitch! I have some idea as to where I want to eventually end up, but for the most part, I just make it up as I go along. It's like improv with a comic strip.