Saturday, February 25, 2006

Today's strip: Supplies

Quite the interesting discussion going on in the comments section of yesterday's strip. Very interesting.


handel said...

Your up late 'robo'. I think its swell. tell far ahead are you on the planning of the strip..four? five strips?
just curious.
ps: had quite the conversation on the previous post. i think people wanna have my baby.
laters to ya
PS: FIRST!!!!!ironic

Knife and Onions said...

But Mr. Robo! You're going to have to have a flashback within a flashback to show what happened between the attendant and Loopus in the last 15 mins!!

he he! Only Joking! the wimpyness of the bull makes me die!

Paul said...

So, wait, why does the bull have to wear a falsie?

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Hey Knife! Thanks! You've got some inspired madness going on over in your house! Keep it up!

Paul! Be patient! I'll get to it! :)

Well, we had quite the debate raging here last night.
It was interesting, and I appreciate the passion of those involved. However, I've gotten a couple of e-mails stating that this sort of thing is ruining the what should be a fun little comic. I'm not quite sure if that is true.
So I put it to you all: Is all of this arguing ruining the blog and therefore the strip for you? Or are you interested in this lively little discussion?
Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Hey Robo,

I was one of your spirited debaters from yesterday. I won't speculate as to whether or not the discussion might have ruined anyone's experience. Speaking personally though I do have regrets. I typically don't engage in those kinds of discussions because there's no real exit strategy. Things always devolve into personal abuse and name calling (which is odd since neither party really knows the other). What can I say? I was working late at home and had had a couple. I'm thinking that from here on in I'm going to stick to my little rule and sit things out.

Again, while I'm not sure anyone's time was ruined, I do feel (as someone said) that it really only amounted to a lot of typing.

handel said...

Oh well, I think by now you "robo" know exactly what I think. I think that debate thats honest and thoughtfull is a good thing. If people have a problem with the comments and just wanna see your strips, then have it it? what does THAT have to do with the comments anyway? Just look at the pretty colors,then.
But you tell me; What good is a "comments" page, if no REAL comments are whats wanted. I think again, people are only frustrated if THIER in a sort of clique,group think..
"YOUR NEATO" "BUSH IS A STINKY POO ISNT HE?!" but..if someone comes along and effectivley CHALLENGES them, On whatever philosophy (sp?),
oooooooooo! heaven forbid. Off with his head.BAN HIM!DELETE DELETE DELETE; say the 'progressives'.
Did I make points? anything? Did we TOTALLY disagree? hmmm. Again..I like to discuss, and I like 'thoughtfullness'. Some dont.
What about yourself?

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Me? Well I was interested. Now? Not so much.
You see, I am interested in thoughtful criticism. Many of your "crits" have been valid, I have taken them to heart. However, I don't like rudeness and unnecessary provacation, which is exactly what you have been doing. So I want that behavior to stop. And it will, starting now.
Think of this blog as my house. Folks come it, look at the funny pictures, comment, then leave. Some may be critical, some may say "hey cool"! it's all valid. All of it.
However, if someone were in my house insulting my other guests and me, well then, I would ask that person to calm down and behave. If he refused, he would be shown the door.
I am hereby asking you to calm down and behave.
This is a blog, MY blog. All are welcome, but if you want to start a flame war, go do it on a discussion board, or better yet, start your own blog and do your own 2"x8" strip. As you say, "Anyone can do it". Well, then do it.
From now on, if you are insulting and needlessly provoking to the other commenters, I will delete your posts.
If you want to start a heated argument with me, then click the e-mail tab in my profile and drop me an e-mail. If your criticism is what it truly important, then you will e-mail me and we will start a truly interesting correspondence.
If as I suspect, all you want to do is hold court, orate and insult. Then you will just go away.
Handel, I do really appreciate how much you are obviously enjoying the strip. All I ask is that you show people here the respect they deserve.
Okay? Peace!

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I was the initial poster last night, also known as "anonymous #1". I was moved to write because of Handels's attitude and I thought he wasn't really criticizing from a constructive impulse. But after bouncing back and forth with Handel I realized that I was projecting a lot onto Handel's comments that wasn't really there and that while Handel's posts come off as bombastic I don't think they're meant that way. I kept writing back to him because it was great to hear his perspective - it's different from mine and the more we talked the more I got where Handel was coming from. But I stopped myself after a while for exactly the reason Robo mentioned. I didn't want it to become about our argument - it's about Chippy and Lupus!
Anyway, interesting thing about the criticism thing...I'm not sure that Robo ever actually asked for people to start posting crits. Yes, I know, "he's a big boy and he can take it", but did he ask for it? Is this site about criticism or a place for an animation artist who takes criticism all day to post his stuff in a place where he doesn't really want criticism - just the chance for people to enjoy his strips, or not.
Again, this site isn't about me or Handel or other anonymous posters or anybody but Robo. This should be his site and I respect his requests about what should go on here. Anybody can start a blog, so anybody who wants to can go and make their own rules for their own space!
I promise to come every day and read the awesome strips and I won't post anything over two sentences for a month!

handel said...

Well hi robo (finally). been busy all day, you know..doing that life thing.
I'll answer YOUR post:YOU SAY"many of your "crits" have been valid,However youve been mean and rude, and provacative."
I beg your pardon, I gave YOU..YOU a "crit", The fact that other people felt the need to comment on my crit to YOU, and themselves,raise the bar of confrontation, Is Not MY fault.
They didnt HAVE to add their two cents to my "crit". They could have left it at "well thats just how he feels". But they didnt.
But I like and welcome "THOUGHTFULL" responses and I am thoughtfull and respectfull to those who show it to me. I was respectfull to ONE of the "anony's", And i was to YOUR own brother.(check the post).
BUT i can understand some people saying that they got tired of it..I know EVEN I got tired of it after awhile. Yeah, It gets tiring saying 2+2=4.
I reject the notion that i've started a 'flame war'. I have started a 'conversation', a 'debate', ...heated? at times sure.
thoughtfull? ABSOLUTLY.
And I think you KNOW that. I do. And I can understand the need for you to feel like ya gotta "bough up"; I mean you KNOW these guys, and they know you. You may feel the need to say SOMETHING hard in my direction. "I'll ask you to you the door..MYBLOG". whatever.
And I accept that for what it is.

Again...dont attribute words to me that I didnt say. I didnt say "anyone could do a strip" I said anyone could do a strip without any thought to dynamics.
YOU SAY: ""If you want to start a heated argument with me, then click the e-mail tab in my profile and drop me an e-mail."" AHHHH, SOOO just so I'm clear, You ONLY want the comments on YOUR BLOG of high praise then? correct? Then I suggest that you find SOME way to change the "COMMENTS" page to a "COMPLIMENTS" page.ONLY. Cuz after all;I defy you to find me ONE, JUST ONE CRIT, other than mine.
Again,,I have been respectful to those deserving of respect, And found myself defending a very minimal crit from the lauding masses.
If you wish to 'delete' posts, then do so..It only proves my first point with "countthefunk", That those who preach the importance of freedom of expression are the first to try and censor.To cut it out.Especially when their argument is lacking.
I have taken the liberty of copying ALL these posts (from this thread),and I'm using them to illustrate a point, at another site and at meetings. (I have had to delete some just because of space--your bro's for instance), dont be supprised if you see it/them online. I hope you dont mind.
AGAIN;I understand these "blogs" to be what I suspected; basically "Fan sites" and you all are the fans...of,well yourselves. nothing wrong with that I suppose.
LASTLY: You said "peace" to me..twice. Tell me, What does that MEAN to you? Does "PEACE" mean something that more often than not,you have to fight for to establish. Or is it just a cheap,lingo bumper sticker slogan to bat around at save the whale, or hate our troops functions?
Here IS good link if you wanna truley do somethin for "PEACE".
"Gifts from the Homefront" is a way to give special gift certificates to military families.
OR we can just do some more 'uncle sam'cartoons.
Delete away ,'progressives'
And show yourself for what ya are. see ya in the cage match sometime.
Come prepped Robo....You've been lacking. And for Goodness sake man....ONE different angle.(seriously,with no anger-- I mean it sincerely)
This post has been copied. DELETE.

countfunkula1 said...

Kick ass stuff! I love the way the multiple views of the same storyline are playing out! Can't wait to see if they intersect. Keep on rockin' in the free world!