Thursday, March 02, 2006


The drawing below was done by a brilliant writer/story artist (and good pal) Donnie Long. Donnie and I have been friends for about 14 years. We worked together on a certain cow movie before he left the formerly evil Disney company for bigger and better things at Sony. He was co-head of story with Dave Feiss on "Open Season" which is funny as hell so go see it by God!!

I like that Chippy and Loopus are driving the same Trans Am that Burt Reynolds drove in the first "Smoky and the Bandit" movie.
I also had no idea that Chippy had a sister.


Paul said...

I would SO see that movie! --The human heart thing is sheer brilliance.

Skribbl said...

Where did they get the heart and then once they get it there, they're putting it in a rabbit??? I think that would be a cool idea to follow!

So poor Chippy! he's MIA!!

Knife and Onions said...

Now if that film can be made, I'll stop being an atheist and pray 5 times a day in any direction!

Mr. Robo, you're my hero!...

...not in a gay way...

...not that there's anything wrong with that!

mark kennedy said...

Very nice! Three things: is there time to make a chippy and loopus short to go before "open season"? Two, how come Donnie is brave enough to go by his real name when everyone else has a fake name? Number three, when is Donnie going to get his own blog so the world can enjoy his excellent goodness???

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Paul, it is sheer brilliance, and it is pure Donnie Long. That is how the man thinks.

skribbl, it is a cool idea! Don't be suprised if i steal some or all of these ideas in the near future!
Especially the '76 Trans Am..

Knife, a world in which a movie like that could be made would be a perfect world. It would indicate that the Apocalypse had already come and gone and you were living in paradise. At that point, it may be too late to repent. But I'm not sure. Have to read up on that..
And you sir are MY hero, ..but not in a gay way..strictly platonic...not that there is aahhh you know the rest.

3 answers for Mark Kennedy!
1. No. Flash is really hard. And I'm not sure Sony would want an R rated short in front of thier PG rated movie.

2. It isn't that Donnie is brave enough. I kind of used his name for him. I found this drawing on my desk with $10 bucks taped to it. I had lent him $10 dollars the day before and it was apparently weighing heavily on his soul. That's Donnie. You gotta love him...but not in a gay way...not that there's anything wrong with that.

3. Let's hope that Donnie get's his own blog. Hey Donnie!!! Get your own blog!!! Or at least join up with Storyboredom!!! Everyone wants to enjoy your goodness!!!

3.5. When is Mark Kennedy going to put up a blog so that we all may enjoy HIS goodness? Ah ha!! I flipped the question on you! Didn't see THAT coming, did you?

J said...

The added twist is that its Chippy's last day on the force before retiring, and Loopus is his reckless upstart rookie partner.
They also befriend a hooker with a heart of gold voiced byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Susan Sarandon.

countfunkula1 said...

I am so sick of Donnie Long. You know if you take away the generosity, the talent, the decency as a person, what are you left with? You got.....oh fuck, who am I kidding? Donnie's the man. Donnie, you have the invite sitting there... let's go, man! Before we get too busy! This drawing is the shizzle! You make robo look like a chump! Oops, just typed that, gotta hit delete, there we go... wait, NOT ente

mark kennedy said...

I was kidding about the Chippy and Loopus short before "Open Season". But then again, how cool would it be to go see a film about the gentle deer and warm-hearted bear and then you see a short about getting a heart across the country and swearing and strippers and bulls with fake horns and Trans Ams....

that would rock! As long as no one brought their kids or anything. Then it might get weird.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Elliot gentle? Boog warm hearted? Mark, this movie wasn't made at Disney. This isn't "Brother Bear". Picture "Emperor's New Groove" with animals as directed by the Farrelly brothers. Then you'll have a better idea of "Open Season".
Why would you have a problem with your kids seeing a movie about 2 friends tearinng around in a Trans Am with a human heart, swearing and visiting strip clubs. Sounds like family fair to me.
I'd take out the bukkake jokes if it would make you feel better.

Lyndon said...

Well if you never make it into a short, at least you have an idea for your next possible storyline (hint, hint).

Love the fact that Loopus has made a little song out of what the little ducks were saying in one of your older strips.

mark kennedy said...

I wasn't trying to denigrate "Open Season" at all. Just contrasting the family appeal with that film with the very-adult appeal of "Chippy and Loopus" for comic effect, that's all.

The only reason that my kids don't need to see a movie about 2 friends tearing around in a Trans Am with a human heart, swearing and visiting strip clubs is because they've already lived it.


RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Mark! LOL!!! You are the man.
Seriously, put up a blog.

Mitch K said...

Oh man, the drawings in this are great! Very Sopranos. "Woke up this mornin and got myself a gun..." I love it!

I love that drawing your friend did! Man, what an awesome movie that would be.

Man, I love this comic, and I love these characters!