Sunday, March 05, 2006


I normally post a new strip around midnight, and today was no different. My first instinct was to do a funny strip, but I decided to go a different way. I drew the strip as I normally do, showed it to my wife. She was a bit distracted, but she looked at it, laughed, and then handed it back. I took this as her seal of approval. I scanned and posted it at around 10:00 pm. However, I had some nagging doubts about it. These doubts were confirmed when I was getting ready for bed and my wife asked if I'd posted the strip yet, because she had a thought. I told her that I had and she said "Oh...never mind then". After a moment of cajoling she told me that the strip had gone to a dark place and that it was time to leaven it with some humor. After some discussion, it was decided that I should pull the strip and post a new one tomorrow morning. Hey, this is the advantage of doing this on a Blog. If I post something and decide it's not good enough, I can pull it.
Don't worry, I won't do this all the time. I've learned my lesson: always go with my my first instinct and always make sure that Sara (my wife) has her full attention on the strip and gives it the thumbs up before I post.
To all of those who saw the strip before I yanked it, forget you saw it. It was just a dream.

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Eric said...

Dark, light, drama, comedy, pirate love story, song-and-dance extravaganza... whatever...

You've got me hooked on Chippy and Loopus, my friend. Can't wait to see wherever you want to take these guys....