Saturday, March 18, 2006

Today's Strip: Visitor

You can thank my wife for this. When I drew the strip with the Pink unicorn, she said that she wanted to see him become involved in the action somehow, and then spun out this wild idea as to how it could happen. She's a real gem, my Sara is.

Other Stuff:
Those of you who don't have Sirius are really missing out. The Stern show gets better everyday. Today they re-ran a phoney phone call that Richard Christie made using sound clips from Blue Iris, an 80 something year-old porn star. The victim was a southern woman and the results were too funny to describe. I laughed so hard my jaw hurt and my ribs were sore. IFor those of you unfamiliar with Howard, if you enjoy this strip, you will like Howard Stern.

In other news, Friend Knife and Onions finally got fed up with all the problems Blogger has been having lately and moved to a Word Press Blog. He is now here:


I'll be updating his link as soon as possible.
Thanks for reading!


Paul said...

He's got a dildo on his head.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Ha!!! Nice one!

handel said...

Now look at your "MARCH 14TH" see how nice having a different angle in there can spruce up your entire strip? how much more DYNAMIC it makes it? I see that your doing a few more of that. I'm glad to see that your taking my advice.keep it up. lookin' good.
Ahhhhh growth--tis a wonderfull tang.
aint it?
And you said that you "werent learning from me" >:)
appology accepted.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Ahhh handel. Welcome to the world of blogging!
I never said I wasn't learning from you. I may have said it in jest, but I then said that I missed your insightful critiques. Truth be told, I always took your critiques to heart. It's the hostility I can do without. I welcome you heartily to the world of blogging! As always, critique away!!!
All I ask is that you behave in a respectful manner, and I will respond in kind. Enough said on that matter.
I am having a lot of fun playing with the more cinematic aspects of the strip lately. I like to write dialogue, but dialogue can become a crutch, so I have been trying to do more strips "MOS". It's fun, and challenging at the same time.

St John Street said...

that's some fun boards bro, thanks so much for the kind words your 2 kind I'm addin u to my links hope that's kool take care bro!!!

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Thanks St John! I'll add you to my links the next time I crack it open. You have a lot of fun stuff on your blog.

countfunkula1 said...

Awesome! Now shithead has a blog to lie about us and slander us. And he doesn't even know us. And talk about egos. Accepting apologies where none are offered? How handel can you get?

handel said...

Ahhhh "robol"
I appreciate your niceties. But let me remind you that it wasnt me that started the fur flying. Not sure why you seem to either forget knowingly or subconciously that fact. I am NOT a mean guy but I do tell it like it is.. and yes..sometimes i know that the truth may hurt. But I also say when sompin is well done as well. So I am fair.
But that being the case I wont shy away from confrontation if people want to start swinging away.
As I said, good angles.
Although On THIS particular strip...another way to have gone is to start off with the extreme closeup (moreso than what you have on panel 2 and 3) of the eye closed and then opening when the dialogue of "wake up" comes in. And then the panel similar to either panelnumber 1 or panel number 3 following it.
The reason being is that you have a sort of nasty "STAGGER" with starting out with a medium shot for number 1 and a close up and then BACK to a medium shot of him getting up --with the same intensity as number ONE.
Its just clunky feeling.
It is a comic book (one of many ways) type of "establishing shot," that I suggest.
follow up the last panel of the cow thing with a more drastic play on light or slight upview. For introduction of the ominious goatthing.
Seeing how hurt you AND everyone else seemed by my LAST suggestion, I hope that wont be the case THIS time around. It is JUST A suggestion on your strip, not a statement about the way you dress. And since i've never seen the way you dress--welllll..I'll just have to give you the benifit of the doubt on that one.
And as for you 'county'. Well you just proved my point. lets see if Robo follows up his post to me with the same scold to YOU. Robo? you out there? I ANXIOUSLY await your scold about..."hostility" was it?
well this will be a good test case to see if you follow up on it.
hello? beauler?

Paul said...

Tedious, man. Fucking tedious.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Hmm. Interesting suggestion concerning the strip. I'll have to try that. I wasn't completly satisfied with the way this one came out, but I thought that I got what I wanted overall.
I don't want to get into who started what. That's silly.
I welcome your comments, and I'm never "hurt". I just don't care for disrespect. Paul is right. This is tedious.
You are welcome until you get nasty and you know what I mean. Count and I have already had a discussion about this, and he knows how I feel. It has been "handled".

handel said...

well it comes across, It reads.It just needs punch. just a few ways to get some.
Might not want to "bookend" your strip..with a medium shot of the same intensity on the first and last drawing.
As for "counsy"..well it has to do with "accountability".
And I didnt really expect the same to be said to HIM on the blog. That would put you in an awkward position of living up to your own words.
And thats not always easy when dealing with pals. Which is why its also hard to get REAL crits FROM pals.. on blogs.
see ya in the showers, and this time...dont look down.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

I agree on the punch factor. Like I said when I began this venture, this is an experiment and an exercise.
It's a way of expressing myself in a way that I can't work and a way of honing and learning my craft. I try things to see if they work and when they don't, I learn from my mistakes and move on. Everyone that reads it is along for the ride.
To your point about not getting real feedback from friends, I have to disagree. I get real "crits" from pals all the time. Paul has taken me to task for my sloppy lettering, and skribbl chided me for the Photoshop coloring on one of the strips about a week ago. They just did it politely. I still got the message.

Mitch K said...

I love it so much.

handel said...

well cool indeed robo--If your learning from the 'exercise' thats great-But even if its just a place where its just for the sake of having everyone pat ya on the back--well thats fine to, as long as your honest about it.
As for "getting Real crits from friends all the time".
Paul "took you to task" on the lettering?
well i suppose thats a valid point to make, although since its a sort of "stream of consciousness" type of strip...I wouldnt expect the lettering to be good anywhoo.
Its a little like saying if a sprinter changed the color of his shoes he'd run faster or his form would be better.
But if you think thats "taking you to task"....ok.
must eat pizza now.

Knife and Onions said...

Hey! How come Handel won't let us post comments and waffle on his blog? No Fair!

oops! made myself a target... abort! abort!

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Handel, Handel, Handel.
Believe what you want, I'm tired of this little dance.
Post all the criticism you want, just be respectful, that is all I ask.
Now you went and make me hungry for pizza.