Sunday, March 19, 2006

Suday Episode: Problem?

Hey! It worked!!!
I'm still moving. I'll post the link when I do!
Thanks everybody for hanging in there!


Knife and Onions said...

thank god you're back for more mayhem! Hallelujah!

Uh oh! Indeed!

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Yeah, I'm still here.
Mr. Undebite did'nt fare so well though. He had to delete his entire blog and move it over to a .Mac account. I had no idea that they had blogs! Now there is another choice!
Blogger had better get it together!

Paul said...

Technical issues aside for now, nice strip, man.

Eric said...

Man oh man, do I wish I had a pink unicorn to slap me upside the head whenever I'm being a dork.

Good luck with the move, John... I tried setting up a movable type blog once, but I gave up because I just couldn't get past all the computery words. Bleh.

I can't wait until Chippy and Loopus reunite... yeehaw!

rickart said...

What is Mr. Underbite's new URL?

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Rick!!! I will let you know what Underbite's new URL is as soon as he let's me know. i'll make a big announcement. I
Eric!! Thanks for the words of encouragement.
I'm going to announce this when I post tomorrow's strip, but I chose TypePad as the new home for Chippy and Loopus, due to ease of use and reasonable cost. This is one of the places Knife recommeded, so I checked them out and they were cool. I just need a few days to get everything up and running and to make the place look the way I want it to. Until then, this place will be open for business.
After that, i will use it as an archive, keeping all of the old strips, posts and comments just the way they are.
Thanks everybody for all of the generous offers of aid. Especially Paul and Knife!!

Paul said...

Anytime, Robo. Best of luck with Typepad (of which I know nothing :)).